Salt Lake Sand Volleyball Juniors Rules

Salt Lake Sand Volleyball will follow AAU rules of play as described below. 

  • Rally Scoring: 2 games to 21, with third game to 15 (if necessary) or 1 game to 28 (rally scoring)

  • Block counts as a contact

  • No Open hand dinks/tips

  • One Toss per serve

  • Players may not "set" the ball or contact the ball with finger action in an attempt to play the ball when receiving the serve.

  • Any contact with any part of the net by a player's body is a violation.

  • Players handling the ball must set the ball in direction they are facing or directly behind them (shoulders squared) when returning the ball over the net.

  • Side Changes in multiples of seven (7) when the set goes to 21 or 28. Side changes in multiples of five (5) when the set goes to 15.

  • Time-Outs:

    1. Each team is allowed one time-out per set.

    2. In addition, one technical time-out is allowed per each set of 21 to 28 points. The technical time-out is not awarded to each team, but rather a shared time- out when the total combined score is reached. During games 1 and 2 that are played to 21 points the technical time-out is taken when the combined score reaches 21. There is no technical time-out in a set of 15 points. For single sets to 28 points, the technical time-out is taken when the combined score reaches 28. 

  • Active coaching is limited to time-outs and in between sets and matches. *Active coaching is allowed during side changes. The coach may not enter the court. The interaction must take place during the time allowed when players change sides of the court and play must immediately begin after the side change.

  • For the 10U and 12U divisions, all contacts that are hit overhand are considered a driven ball. The first contact may be received with multiple contacts (on the same attempt) or may take the ball with an open hand or set.

  • For the 10U division, servers my step onto the court to serve.

  • Athletes may wear socks or sand socks during competition.

Salt Lake Sand Volleyball Specific Rules:

  • SLS encourages players to hand set their partners as much as possible to encourage the development of this skill. For this reason, openhand sets to a partner (not as an attack over the net), will be granted extended leniency for double contacts. SLS Directors will clarify this rule prior to each SLS Juniors event (leagues and tournaments).

  • Players, both male and female, are required to wear tank tops during all play at Salt Lake Sand Volleyball. Bikini or sports bra tops for girls and no shirts for boys are not permitted. 

  • *SLS will allow coaches to "walk and talk" at all SLS events, as long as there is no delay in play. This rule does not extend to parents and/or other spectators during play. Coaches are expected to check in with the SLS Event Director in order to be granted coach privledges. 

  • All spectators are expected to treat all athletes, officials, event staff, etc. with courtesy, respect, and good sportsmanship. Those in violation of this rule will forfeit matches for the day and be asked to leave.